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January 24, 2023
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January 24, 2023 brandsutra

Why Use Branding For Your Business?/ How Does Branding Help You Build Your Business?

What exactly is branding? And why is it so important to your business? Branding involves much more than just a logo or other visual elements. The entire consumer experience should be taken into account when thinking about your brand. This covers everything about your company: its name, website, online presence, phone manners, and how clients engage with your staff.

When you take this broad definition of branding into account, it can be a little daunting to think about the elements of your brand. In essence, your brand is how your intended audience perceives you. Knowing your brand experience and building the brand experience you want your customers to enjoy is essential. So, today we will tell you all there is to know about branding and also why branding is important for your business.

But first, let’s break some misconceptions and tell you What Branding Isn’t.

According to the previous definitions, just the logo, image etc., used to be the main part of branding. According to the prevailing opinion, this was a fairly true description of branding.

Due to branding’s reduction to its aesthetic component, and visual identity, it was (and still is) wrongly interpreted. Many people still see branding, experts or not, as merely referring to the visual identity, such as the name, logo, design, packaging, etc. Even senior marketers still advocate for the same archaic view of branding, irrespective of the fact that both the notion and our understanding of it have evolved dramatically over time.

Now that that’s done, let us tell you What Branding Exactly is.

There wouldn’t be as much confusion and dissonance surrounding the concept of branding if the definition of branding were clear-cut. The nuanced art of actively shaping your brand is called branding. A brand can develop an identity that distinguishes it from its competitors and forges a bond with its audience with the help of imagination, talent, and strategy.

Your brand determines your prestige and, eventually, your future. Due to the importance of branding, businesses and organisations should build a strong brand from the beginning in order to maintain it as they grow.

However, in order to reduce the spread of outdated, erroneous, and incomplete information about branding, we have given a more thorough definition of branding from the Oxford Dictionary:

Why is Branding Important For Your Brand?

Branding is vitally essential, given its overall effect on your organisation. Whether done properly or poorly, branding may affect how people see your business, promote new sales, and increase brand value. However, it can also have the opposite effect.

No matter what the company does, its reputation continues to grow. Either a good reputation or a bad reputation could be the result. Taking control of how that reputation is displayed is essential to understanding and utilising branding. This is why we suggest you consider branding from the beginning of your organisation.


  1. Tells Your Story And Builds An Emotional Connection

Exactly who are you as a brand? Your viewers won’t understand if you don’t. Establishing brand-defining keywords and using them to influence the company’s voice, tone, and aesthetic will help you develop your identity. Every great brand should be simple to describe using a few reliable adjectives.

By developing your brand, you can build a lasting connection with clients, staff members, and the general public. This relationship takes time to form, but it starts with establishing a strong reputation, getting to understand your audience,, and ultimately developing remarkable speaking techniques. Great branding frequently results from embodying your brand’s core in an unusual way.

  1. Builds Trust

The audience’s trust is a company’s most precious asset, but it’s not always easy to gain. It will be harder for a business to gain clients if it lacks crucial branding elements. When we look at businesses in any industry, many of us expect to see branding; therefore, not seeing it may raise a concern for some. If your company does not have strong branding, you have absolutely nothing to show for it.

You probably already know which company you would trust more if you had to select between one that has distinct, expert-looking branding and one that hasn’t. By adopting branding, you can show prospective customers that your business is trustworthy and well-established.

  1. Builds Confidence

Successful branding requires courage, strategy, intellect, and occasionally risks. It takes confidence to tell your consumers what makes you “you.” Consider it this way: Not because they were providing a particularly distinctive product or experience, but rather a sense of confidence, some of the most successful companies in the world have reached their current status.

  1. Express Your Beliefs

Businesses that are highly successful have clear missions, visions, and values. However, it’s not just for large corporations and charitable groups. Smaller brands might adopt a more relaxed strategy while creating foundational brand values.

Your views significantly influence your brand identity and how you communicate it to others. But how you approach it is entirely up to you. Some firms choose a more understated approach, while others choose to include ideals in the logo, like the statement “Eat Fresh, Eat Local” that we see in the many Farmers Market designs.

  1. Going in New Directions

Even the best brands occasionally surpass themselves. Refreshing a logo is one of the many strategies used while rebranding. Wendy’s did precisely that in 2013. The new fast food restaurant’s logo feels more contemporary and welcoming, while the colours and graphics still evoke the familiar and beloved classic chain.

By changing their logos throughout time, Microsoft and Burger King have also made branding advancements comparable to one another. A mega-long-term brand’s viability depends critically on rebranding. A successful rebranding endeavour can be increased by having a strong core brand identity.

Then there is the “hardcore” rebrand, which results in an entirely new identity. Target is the ultimate success tale. Even though they had outlets in the 1990s, they completely revamped themselves in 1999 by working with high-end designers on limited-edition collections, among them many A-listers in the fashion industry. Target reinvented itself, evolving from a generic retailer to a powerful brand that appeals to both regular consumers and high-end shoppers.

  1. Builds Positive Employee Morale

Additionally, branding has importance for your business. Naturally, you want your employees to have a good time at your company and feel appreciated as a part of the team. It will be easier for an organisation with a great brand to convince employees that their position is much more than a job.

You should spend money on branding components that can help you attract new customers and motivate your personnel. This includes inconspicuous particulars like branded attire and decorations as well as the general look of your office. You can motivate and unify your team through branding, which could produce outstanding results for everyone.

Branding is crucial, as we’ve emphasised before and will continue to emphasise. Be kind to your brand by giving it considerable thought while you curate your brand identity. For further advice, visit BrandSutra’s blog or get in touch with us; we are here to support your brand every step on the way to success so that you can sit back and enjoy!

“The marketing technique known as branding is used to give a business, product, or service a unique identity in the eyes of consumers by associating it with specific meanings, values, and lifestyles”

"Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room"

Jeff Bezos


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